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        Professional Development, Supply Chain Management, internship

        Winter Break Check List

        November 15, 2022 By Alex Ritenbaugh

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        You made it through the hectic fall semester - Hooray! While you enjoy a much needed break at home for the holidays, here are some action items to consider doing over the break to help your internship search hit the ground running in Spring.  

        1. Explore the pre-internship Canvas page

        Spend an hour a week reading through the internship reports and other job search resources on the Canvas page. Start noticing the types of supply chain activities you think you'd enjoy and the companies you want to target. 

        2. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

        Did you work on any cool class projects this semester? Did you pass your Excel Expert certification? Did you get a leadership role in a student organization? Did you accomplish something exciting in your part-time job? 

        Think through everything you did this semester and update your resume with all of your new skills and accomplishments then add them to your LinkedIn too. An updated resume/LinkedIn makes applying for internships so much easier. 

        3. Have some extra time over the holidays? Volunteer. Work a seasonal job. Do some job shadowing.

        The winter break is a great time to get involved in a short-term project. Think about activities that can be resume boosters or can connect you with potential employers.

        4. Do an informational interview or two.

        Informational interviewing sounds formal and intimidating, but it's much easier than you think. Do you have a relative who works in supply chain? or at a company that interests you? If so, bend their ear for 30 minutes at your holiday gathering. As them about the work they do and what they like about their company. 

        Get together with your high school friends who are at different schools or some of your older friends or siblings. Ask them about their internship experiences or for advice on the job search process.'s all about who you know so work your personal network!

        5. Relax and enjoy your time at home!

        We hope you all have a wonderful break and will see you in January.