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The Lowder Center for Family Business and Entrepreneurship

This initiative in Auburn's College of Business combines outreach programming and academic studies in the area of family business. Efforts are directed at being responsive and proactive to the needs of family businesses, and to students interested in studying the dynamics of families in business.

An academic program has been developed which will involve study of the interrelationships between family structures and relations; entrepreneurship; the economy; and business management practices. Visiting family business executives and site visits will be incorporated into this program.

Outreach activities for the Lowder Center for Business and Entrepreneurship will emphasize the individual development of managers/executives/successors through training and education programs, and will cover issues such as leadership development issues for the family/business enterprise; assessment and decision-making involved with economic/organizational dynamics of the family business; and how to manage economic and family changes as they apply to the organization's structure and leadership for strategic planning purposes. For more information on the academic program and/or education/training programs for family business owners and executives, as well as assistance for family businesses, please contact:

LaKami Baker

Department of Management
450 Lowder Business Building
(334) 844-6533


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