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Summer Internships

Madrid, Spain Consulting Projects

Program Overview

Want to really stand out from your peers when it comes time to look for a job? Make a huge difference upgrading your resume consulting in Madrid, Spain this summer.

This program offers a unique opportunity working on a team based project for an international company expanding in Europe or a Spanish company looking to expand to the U.S. Students will get hands-on experience working on a specific project for an international company in Madrid.

Teams will typically include 3-5 Auburn students though in some cases multiple teams might work for the same client depending on the project and complexity of the problem. This program is appropriate for all business majors and minors as teams will be created to include complimentary skill sets needed to complete client projects.

The program will include significant travel and cultural opportunities. No foreign language skills required. English speaking staff will be available as needed for translation and to interface with clients. Students will also have a week break in the middle of the program to travel on their own in Europe (July 1 – 7th, 2018).

Travel will include some of the most famous attractions in Madrid, the Spanish capital (Royal Palace, Prado National Museum, Retiro Park, Cybele’s Fountain, Las Ventas bullring, Madrid Rio, Santiago Bernabeu stadium—home of Real Madrid soccer, etc). One or more day trips outside Madrid will also include tours of nearby cities such as Toledo, Valencia, Granada, or Cordoba. Tours and specific details will be provided prior to departing the U.S. and subject to change.

Objectives of the Program:

This 7-week program provides hands-on work experience combined with a unique cultural experience. Students work in teams on a consulting project for a business client. Student teams will prepare a written report and make a formal presentation to the client with their proposed solutions/advice. Students solve real business problems through teamwork in an international setting. Students will also gain valuable experience working with students in different majors, as well as gain experience developing and making presentations and preparing and writing formal business reports.

Academic Program & Requirements (6-12 Credit Hours Typical):

All courses are 3 credit hours. Expected courses offered include: Principles of Financial Accounting (ACCT 2110), Income Tax 1 (ACCT 4410), Income Tax 2 (ACCT 5420), Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 2020), Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 2030), Money & Banking (ECON 3200), Principles of Marketing (MKTG 3310), International Marketing (MKTG 4400), Principles of Management (MNGT 3100), Strategic Management (MNGT 4800), Principles of Finance (FINC 3610), Financial Markets and Institutions (FINC 3700), and Special Topics in major (XXXX 4970). Note: Courses subject to change. Students must have completed prerequisites for course credit. See Director for course dates and format. 

Program open to students with 2.25 or higher GPA.


Important Dates/Calendar

October 30, 2017

Application review period begins. Space is limited. Deposit required to reserve spot ($1000).

December 31, 2017

Last day to drop without financial penalty. After this date, $1000 deposit is forfeit.

January 11, 2018

(e-bill posted date)


February 2, 2018

(e-bill due date)

First payment for ½ of remaining program fees ($3774.50). After Feb 2 half fees plus deposit forfeited if withdrawal.

March 8, 2018

(e-bill posted date)


April 6, 2018

(e-bill due date)

Second payment for ½ of remaining program fees ($3774.50). After Apr. 6 all fees plus deposit forfeited if withdrawal.


Final Application due and Project Interviews

April 6, 2018


Auburn Study Abroad Fee due to Bursar ($657)

May 6-12, 2018

May 13-19, 2018

AU Boot Camp Courses. See Director for courses available and dates.

June 10, 2018

Leave USA to arrive in Madrid June 11, 2018

June 11 – July 26*

Consulting Project Work (9:00am-2:00pm Project work per day. Touring included as well)

*July 1 – July 7

Summer Break

Summer Break for students to travel on their own in Europe

July 28, 2018

Leave Madrid / arrive USA

August 2018

HCoB Professional Fee due ($150)


Program Fees: $8,549

Program fees include AU coursework credit hours (6-12 typical), consulting client placement, housing in Madrid for the duration of the program, breakfast, Madrid bus and metro pass for duration of the program, cultural and professional programs, a day tour of Madrid and at least one weekend excursion outside Madrid, welcome and farewell receptions, trip cancellation insurance, and emergency evacuation insurance (does not replace major medical). Specific tour/event details provided before departure from U.S. and subject to change.

Estimated Additional Costs: $3,619 (not included in program fees)

Estimated additional costs not included in program fees include: airfare to Madrid and return, most meals, passport and visa if needed, optional tours and entrance fees to some sights, Auburn Abroad fee and HCoB Professional fee.

Passport and Visa Requirements:

Students will be required to have a valid Passport, good for 1 year after they return to the US after their internship and meet any additional Ireland immigration requirements (no visa or special requirements for US citizens).

Living Arrangements/ Housing/ Meals/ Transportation:

Students stay in either a 3 star or higher hotel or self-service apartments in Madrid, with easy access to bus and/or metro lines and necessary amenities. Breakfast each work day and Internet are included in the program fees. Students are on their own for other meals (though area around their lodging has plenty of restaurants). Travel on Madrid’s great metro network and bus system for the duration of the program is included in program fee. Specific housing location and details will be provided prior to departure from the U.S.

Program Dates: 

June 10, 2018 (leave USA to arrive in Madrid June 11) - July 28, 2018 (return to USA)

Program is limited so APPLY NOW.

**Program details subject to change.


Academic Director
Dr. Gary Adams
Harbert College of Business
Associate Professor of Management
Department of Management

Tel: (334) 844-6511


Apply to the Summer Abroad Program Now!


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